² The DOG that FOUND the Stolen WOLRD CUP TROPHY (Pickles)



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The DOG that FOUND the Stolen WOLRD CUP TROPHY (Pickles)

Image by Beatrix Döring from Pixabay

did you know that in the 1966 world cup the trophy was lost for a few days the famous jewels remade trophy was stolen but was later found in the most unexpected way keep reading this article to know how this football legend came to be.

1.the theft of the trophy:

something unexpected happened preceding the 1966 world cup tournament the jewels remade trophy was on display in the Methodist central hull in Westminster London for the public to view while it was being exhibited the thief managed to grab the trophy and disappear unnoticed he did so by evading the security and fleeing through a back door.

2.the supposed exchange:

the thief sent a ransom note demanding fifteen thousand pounds in exchange for the trophy to Joe mears the then president of the football association the authorities wanted to set up a sting so they advised the meat to exchange the trophy the thief arrived in Batter sea park but instead of Joemears he was met by an undercover cop although they arrested the thief there was no sign of the world cup itself.

3.pickles discovery:

the English police kept looking for the trophy but unfortunately to no avail this is where pickles a collie who lived alongside his human companion David Corbett came into play dog and guardian were walking the streets of south Nor wood when something incredible happened pickles sniffed and moved away from David to dig in a garden David didn't understand anything until he saw his dog approaching him with a large object wrapped in newspaper at that moment he couldn't believe his eyes his little pal had found the world cup.

4.his life changed :

David went straight to the nearest police station to explain what happened and present the trophy in recognition of the great find David and pickles received a reward of six thousand pounds and a year of free food for the dog in addition England managed to win the world cup so both were invited to the celebratory dinner offered by queen Elizabeth ii from that moment on pickles became a hero of the 1966 world cup and became famous among all the fans of the tournament had you heard of pickle story before.

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