² What do PANDAS eat? All about the Panda Bear Diet!



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What do PANDAS eat? All about the Panda Bear Diet!


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

the Panda or giant panda scientifically known as a Europa de melon or Luca is a large mammal that inhabits the mountainous areas of China and Tibet during the summer it rises to the highest altitudes up to 3000 meters and in winter it descends looking for warmth according to the IUCN Red List this is a vulnerable species and there are only about 500 to a thousand mature individuals in the wild do you want to know what they eat do they feed only on bamboo find out here.

1.the nutritional requirements of a panda:

the Panda is an omnivorous animal this means that it consumes food of animal or plant origin although as we will see most of the pandas food is plant-based an adult can weigh approximately a hundred and thirty kilograms although the average weight ranges from 100 to 115 kilos in order to cover the energy needs of such a large body the Panda can spend between 10 and 12 hours a day feeding in addition its appetite is almost insatiable the pandas diet is 99% bamboo for this food to cover all of its nutritional needs the Panda must consume approximately twelve and a half kilos of bamboo per day although in fact it can ingest up to 40 kilos however approximately 23 of these will be expelled in the form of bowel movements since the pandas digestive system is not fully equipped to absorb the cellulose molecules that make up bamboo.

2.what does the panda eat:

as we have mentioned before the most basic and essential food in the pandas diet is family in its habitat which is mountainous humid and stable there are more than 200 species of bamboo however it is estimated that the Panda only feeds on 30 species to cover the energy input it needs although it is mostly herbivorous the Panda occasionally includes some animal foods in its diet such as eggs insects and rodents.

3.how does the Panda feed:

the Panda has a very strong jaw and strong teeth which allow it to crush the bamboo stalks and extract their pulp in addition and as have a sixth finger that is actually an adaptation of the wrist bone thanks to this they have greater facility to obtain food these same physical features allow the Panda to hunt when necessary to obtain the remaining 1% of its diet which consists of nutrients of animal origin.

4.the life of the panda eat and sleep:

due to their great appetite lack of hibernation and the fact that they are not equipped to obtain all the nutrients in bamboo pandas can spend up to 14 hours a day eating this is especially easy for them because they have the peculiarity of being able to eat sitting down the rest of the time they spend sleeping and once they have risen they again begin the search for food to satisfy their huge appetites this process is always carried out alone since the Panda is an animal that is only accompanied by another of its species during the breeding season now you know what the Panda eats and facts about its diet habitat and lifestyle.

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