² How Do I Improve My BOND with My CAT? (5 Tips)



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How Do I Improve My BOND with My CAT? (5 Tips)


Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

if you love your cat unconditionally you should always look for ways to improve your relationship so they are happy and comfortable at home in this article we give you five tips to improve the bond you have with your feline take note and put them into practice.

1.offer environmental enrichment:

environmental enrichment is very important to ensure the psychological well-being of your cat especially if they live in an apartment we need to provide toys to stimulate them physically and cognitively cats are hunters by nature and need to express this natural instinct through play you can buy toys of all kinds to encourage them to exercise including fishing toys and mice intelligence games such as Kong toys provide even more mental stimulation you can also make both you and your cat happy by making homemade toys or playing games at home.

2.use pheromones:

pheromones are a kind of natural message which cats use to communicate with their environment in this way felines mark with pheromones what is familiar to them when we make any small changes in the home it can upset our cat felines crave stability and need to feel as if everything is under control fire moons transmit a feeling of tranquility to the cat so they feel more comfortable and happier in their environment and with their family in doing so cats have been shown to feel more confident and even become more affectionate to their human companions.

3.respect and know them:

each cat has their own personality some are more sociable than others others are more solitary the latter may become tense with strangers or hate being picked up this is why you should never try to force your feline to do something they don't want to do especially if they are afraid the more you force your cat the less they will want to be near you as they will associate you with negative stimuli respecting their space and privacy is essential to creating a good bond with your cat with time patience and paying attention you'll get to know their character and earn their trust perhaps the most vital aspect of strengthening your bond.

4.understand feline language:

cats use specific body language to communicate with each other or with humans it's very important to interpret this language as we can't speak to them directly it's through understanding this communication we form the basis of mutual trust making your cat happy and strengthening your bond in the process.

5.provide good nutrition and hygiene:

cats need to be well nourished and to feel good there are scientific studies which prove diet has an impact on the general condition of the cat although they sometimes cost more we recommend providing a quality commercial feed what could be more important than investing in your cat's health to know if it is quality review the ingredients on the label ensure it meets the specific needs of your cat and check marketplace reviews to ensure the product is as good as it claims to be we also need to adjust the amount of daily foods of the cat's energy and health levels to avoid overeating or under eating hygiene also plays a fundamental part in the life of every cat cats hate dirt and cannot stand it on their fur or in their environment it's imperative you have a clean and organized home for you both to live in you also need to clean their litter trade daily also using positive reinforcement as you take care of any hygiene issue especially brushing will help strengthen your bond as they consider you to be somebody who has their eventual benefits on the most fundamental level.

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