² TOP 8 GRAY CAT BREEDS (Which Is Your Favorite?)



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TOP 8 GRAY CAT BREEDS (Which Is Your Favorite?)

Image by Benita Welter from Pixabay

are you thinking of adopting a grey cat then this is the perfect video for you in this article we're going to go through the top 8 great cat breeds and their main characteristics.

1.gray Persian :

this Turkish cap reed is a descendant of the angora cat and has existed since ancient times they are robust and muscular with a rounded head their eyes are large and of intense colors which can range from blue to yellowish and greenish tones gray Persian cats are usually very affectionate quiet and love company.

2.Turkish angora:

although these cats commonly have white fur there are also great Turkish angora cats as the name suggests they are native to turkey they have fine soft and silky fur that is more abundant on their neck and their tail their hind legs are higher than their front legs and they have elongated ears and eyes that can be blue green or even yellow.

3.Egyptian Mao:

the Egyptian Mao comes from the country where cats were revered for thousands of years this breed has huge green eyes and dark gray striped fur however you can also find specimens with bluish or brown spots on their gray fur these cats are very territorial and jealous but at the same time loving and friendly with their family members.

4.american short hair:

 this feline breed is one of the most loved thanks to their friendly and social personality in addition this cap breed is known for their intelligence and agility regarding their physical characteristics they have a broad and round head with a small nose their hair is short and can be of almost any color but the most common specimens are those with silver tones.

5.European short hair :

there are many varieties when it comes to European short hair cats but now we'll just focus on the cats with tabby or striped fur cats like this usually have darker colored stripes when compared to the rest of their coats varying from silver to gray European short hair cats adore outdoor activities such as hunting and even climbing trees they're known for being quite independent and healthy cats.

6. Ne belong:

this breed is the result of a cross between a female long-haired cat and a male brush in blue the cross resulted in a strong robust and muscular cat with long blue-gray hair Ne belong cats are characterized by having a large head and two beautiful eyes that are usually green or yellow despite their elegant and calm appearance they are very mischievous curious and playful cats they are also smart and social.

7.Russian blue:

it is believed that this breed originated in the archangel islands located in northern Russia and that it later spread throughout the rest of Europe and reached the united states due to the low temperatures of its home country the Russian blue developed a thick grey hair cats of this breed are usually born with blue eyes that change to a greenish hue as they begin to grow their personality is usually shy with strangers but affectionate with their human companions they are also very playful and like to chase and fetch things.

8. Chartreux:

this breed originates from France where it was actively bred by Carthusian monks later it reached the UK and the rest of Europe they are a robust cat with toned muscles in addition they make excellent companion pets due to their social friendly and playful nature like the Russian blue these cats have thick and dense hair due to the harsh climatic conditions of their place of origin regarding their fur it's usually grayish blue or bluish gray lastly their eyes can be deep yellow green or copper other than these adorable grey cats there are many more cats that can make a great companion pet.

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