² 10 ASIAN DOG BREEDS Do You Know Them All?



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10 ASIAN DOG BREEDS Do You Know Them All?

Image by uadrienn from Pixabay

can you name any breeds of dog which originate in Asia this article helps you know by sharing some canine history from the Asian continent and providing some specifics about their.

1.Akita Inu:

also known as the Japanese Akita their name derives from the region of japan their ancestors were smaller dogs used in hunting unfortunately a growing interest in dog fighting led to the original dog to be crossed with larger canines this is how the Akita Inu was born fortunately dog fighting was later banned but this breed continued to spread across the world as a prized companion animal

2. Shar Pei:

the origin of this breed resides within china and is believed to have arisen from a cross between a mastiff and a chow chow years ago the Shar pei served as a hunting and guard dog unfortunately they were also used as food in poor regions of china although great work has been made to ban this practice this breed managed to survive in part thanks to the fact they were exported to other parts of the world where continued breeding took place.

3.chow chow:

there are many hypotheses about the origins of the chow chow a dog known for their blue tongue however they are believed to have appeared in northern china more than 2 000 years ago back then they served mainly as guard and hunting dogs as with many Asian breeds their popularity has grown outside the continent discover the characteristics character and care that the charger needs in the article that we share here.

4.Tibetan mastiff:

also of Asian origin the Tibetan mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world as the name indicates they first appeared in Tibet thanks to a strong and powerful appearance they serve humans in various ways including the surveillance and protection of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.


the pug is one of the most cheerful and playful Asian dog breeds their origin is somewhat uncertain although we know it lies somewhere in china we are unsure if this breeds ancestors however they are believed to be associated with the peaky knees they are a common brachiocephalic dog.

6.Shiba Inu:

although the origin of this breed is known to be Asia it is contested whether they come from china or japan however it is today considered a Japanese dog and has been common in this country for centuries they share many physical characteristics with the Akita inu something which can lead to the breeds often being confused:


as with many Asian and non-Asian dog breeds the history of the pekingese is somewhat uncertain we do know they came from china where they are believed to have been a companion animal for royalty due to their flat face they are also considered a brachiocephalic dog similar to the pug or Shih tzu.

8.Shih Tzu:

there have always been doubts over whether the shih tzu originates in Tibet or china what we do know for sure is that this breed comes from somewhere in Asia and shares many characteristics with the peaky knees the shih tzu can be slightly taller but the most noticeable difference is the very long hair of the Shih Tzu which is finer smoother and can hang down over the face.

9.Chinese crested dog:

because this breed was first seen on the american African and Asian continents there have always been doubts about its true origin however the balance leans more to Chinese origin serving at that time as a ratter later they spread to other parts of the world including Europe.

10.Lhasa Apso:

we finish this article of Asian dogs with Lhasa apso another of the oldest dog breeds data indicates they first appeared in Tibet where they like the Tibetan mastiff were used as sentinels for monasteries.

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