² The 10 MOST DANGEROUS Animals in the World



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The 10 MOST DANGEROUS Animals in the World

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

why can we rank most dangerous animals in the world we could look at which pose a risk by pure strength or see which have the strongest and quickest acting venom to provide a reliable qualifier for animal danger we've consulted the records of attacks on human beings to reveal the most lethal animals in the world to us discover the top ten most dangerous animals in the world with this article using reliable data for annual deaths - right.

1.the mosquito:

are you surprised the mosquito is the most lethal living being acting as a vector for many viruses and parasites the most dangerous is the yellow fever mosquito which has developed resistance to various insecticides it feeds only on human blood lays eggs in all kinds of places and can transmit yellow fever dengue fever or Zika virus.

2.the human being:

statistically speaking man is the second most dangerous animal but is directly responsible for the loss of biological diversity on the planet over exploitation of resources pollution and deforestation have caused the extinction of 200 animal vertebrate species as well as indefinable impact onits own population.

3.the snake:

around 200 species of snake have a bite that causes toxicity disability and even death the most dangerous snakes are the Malayan crit the Malayan pit viper and certain kubarz sometimes demise can happen shortly.

4.the dog:

canine rabies is a pathology which continues to cause the death of thousands of people around the world Africa and Asia are the continents with the greatest risk since it is here that 95% of registered cases occur.

5.the Scorpion:

these animals kill their prey by poison however of the more than 1,000 poisonous species that exist only about 25 are known to be fatal to man all but one belonging to the Buddha died family.

6.the crocodile crocodile attacks are frequent in those countries were these large sharp seeds live near human populations however only specimens that exceed two and a half metres in length represent a real risk  to humans the Nile crocodile and the saltwater crocodile species register the most attacks.

7.the hippopotamus:

the hippopotamus is a semi-aquatic mammal known to be especially aggressive attacks between members of the same species being very frequent there have also been a high number of conflicts with humans they can knock down boats easily or reach a surprisingly high speed on land.

8.the elephant:

the elephant is a noble and especially sensitive being in general they coexist peacefully with other animals which stay away from their paths they're having some exceptional attacks between rhinos and elephants its lethality has a lot to do with its large size.

9.the lion:

the lion also known as the king of the jungle is considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world these big cats need to be close to their prey to attack using quickness and stealth to gain the upper hand .

10.the shark:

we finish our list of the world's most dangerous animals with the shark attacks from these great predators have been documented for years stories in the media inspiring movies and fear into people all over the world there are more than 350 species of shark only three are responsible for the majority of human fatalities namely the great white tiger and bull sharks Australia is the country at the highest number of shark attacks.

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