² Why is My CAT Not GROWING? (7 Reasons)



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Why is My CAT Not GROWING? (7 Reasons)

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

the first months of a cat's life are characterized by rapid growth in some cases we may observe our kitten isn't growing or putting on as much weight as they should at this article we present seven possible reasons why a cat doesn't grow and we explain what you can do about it.

1.they are a small cat breed:

certain cat breeds are characterized by their small stature such as the case of the munchkin Korat or Singapore if you've adopted a cat which doesn't seem to be growing but you don't know their breed ask a veterinarian if they are one of these cats or a possible cross.

2.they have not been Dewormed:

when we adopt a kitten it's important we take them to the vet for examination vaccinations and deworming there are occasions when we may not be able to do this if a feline is not being dewormed internally parasite infestation can stunt their development and provide health problems such as anemia vomiting diarrhea and per coat condition if you do not know whether the cat has been taken to the vet bring them to a clinic asap for assessment discover in the article we share here when you should take a cat to the vet.

3.poor diet:

if a kitten is not well nourished their growth will be hampered this is why it's essential we provide them with an adequate diet of food appropriate for their age ensuring all their nutritional needs are covered if we choose to provide homemade food we need to consult a veterinarian to ensure we meet their nutritional requirements.

4.congenital hypothyroidism:

a cat which does not grow may be suffering from disease thyroid problems can prevent the synthesis of hormones necessary for development cats which suffer from it may have short legs and necks a wide face and alterations to their nervous system they may also have delays in tooth development lose appetite have a dull coat a lower temperature and be apathetic among other symptoms. 


here we refer to a range of diseases caused by an enzyme deficiency affected kittens have small bodies heads and ears but a wide face with eyes far apart and a short tail they are affected by a clumsy gate retinal atrophy paralysis heart and neurological problems and others.

6.pituitary dwarfism:

this is produced by a deficit in growth hormone it causes constipation delayed teething vomiting or dehydration in addition to a small but proportionate size.

7.PortoSystemic shunt :

this is a circulatory problem that prevents toxins in the body from being purified these pass directly into the bloodstream causing various symptoms such as stunted growth and mental problems.

what do i do if my cat doesn't grow:

if you observe your cat is not developing properly and has not been dewormed you need to carry this out and ensure they have the proper diet for this vital stage if this has been the problem you will notice normal development returns shortly if they are already eating well and have been dewormed but they still have delayed development it's essential you take them to a veterinary clinic they will carry out appropriate diagnostic tests and advise in a course of action.

 if they have a disease can they be cured:

unfortunately not all the diseases mentioned here can be cured in the case of hypothyroidism growth can be encouraged and symptoms reduced by the use of hormonal therapy prescribed by the veterinarian a shunt may be operated on but not in all cases in regards to Mucopolysaccharidosis its symptoms can be managed but heart evolves cannot be determined finally and unfortunately kittens with pituitary dwarfism often die or have severely reduced life expectancies.

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