² Where Should My CAT SLEEP? Find Out!



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Where Should My CAT SLEEP? Find Out!

Image by Mammiya from Pixabay

whether you've adopted a kitten or adult cat you may wonder if you have to buy a bed for them or if they can sleep anywhere in this article we clarify where your cat should sleep provide tips on how to choose a bed and where you may need to put it.

1.where should a kitten sleep:

when we adopt a young cat some people see their defenselessness   and think they should sleep beside us this isn't a bad instinct a well-groomed and dewormed cat will not pose a risk to our health  however kittens are very active especially at night  they can hinder our rest and it may set a bad precedent it's important you decide early whether you can allow your cat to sleep in the bed or if they need to have their own being changeable will not suit the cat if you prefer the cat does not enter your room it's best to set boundaries from the beginning always give them access to the litter box water and food it's understandable some kittens may feel alone and distressed at the beginning when taken from their mother so we want them to know we are near we can leave the door ajar or even keep them in a suitable place within the room so they know we are in the vicinity as they become more secure we can teach them to sleep in their own bed and keep the door closed 

2.where should an adult cat sleep 

this is a decision which you need to make together but part of our responsibility is to be consistent if one day you let them sleep beside you and the next you don't it will confuse the cat at the very least you will have to endure days of meowing at your door as they petition you to enter on the other hand we don't recommend locking the cat up to sleep this can only lead to stress anxiety and discomfort combining to result in a lack of confidence you may ask where should a cat sleep the truth is there's no single answer this is why we provide you advice to get to know where your cat should rest so you can both be comfortable and they don't disturb us .

 3.tips for choosing a cat bed

 there are many options on the market when it comes to choosing a bed for your cat your cat's preference means you may need to try several before you get the right one so we provides some basic tips to help you choose.

the size must be appropriate for that of your cat a very expensive cat bed is not much use if your feline can fit inside also you need to know that it should be placed at height not necessarily on the ground the temperature of the home is similarly important in the middle of summer your cat may not want to use a bed and might prefer the ground to sunbathe we should also purchase one which is washable so that you can more easily maintain your cat's hygiene  many cats will prefer a sofa or even bookcase over an exclusive designer bed a simple cardboard box with a very soft blanket can even serve as the perfect resting place hammocks can also provide a suitable resting place .

4.where to put the cat's bed

 it's imperative the cat has designated areas for different activities for example where they use the litter box should be placed somewhere away from the traffic of the house their food and water dishes will need to have their own area also the rest area is no different it needs to be somewhere separate from both their feeding and litter areas generally they need to be placed off the ground some are quiet with a suitable ambient temperature and with easy access we can know their preferences by observing them closely the rest of the home must be used for environmental enrichment something essential for their well-being toys are an important part of enrichment .

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