² How to TEACH your dog THE PAW TRICK



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How to TEACH your dog THE PAW TRICK

Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay

in this article  we will show you how you can teach your dog for famous portrait before you start remind yourself what you need for a dog training session have plenty of tasty treats to reward them.

1.look for a quiet area for your dog to avoid being distracted, practice between five and fifteen minutes daily.

2.don't punish them:

now that we have everything ready it's time to teach your dog head to give us their paw we should start by telling them to sit down if they don't know this trick yet check out our tutorial that shows you just how to teach them once seated we will begin to force the trick by taking their paw in our hand every time we do so we should reward them with a treat we must repeat the process several times for a dog to understand what we're doing.

if your dog seems to understand what you're asking you can always take treats and store them in your fist instinctively the dog will try to open their fists with our nose or paws then we'll be rewarded and repeat the action don't forget that this process should be a game for your dog so give them treats and always use positive reinforcement your best bud should have fun and want to participate with activity.

every time you practice this trick you will accompany it with a particular word for example hello by repeating the same word you will remember the action we're easily later when they seem to have understood the trick will create a specific gesture accompanying the work with the gesture will be very beneficial for your dog you'll quickly understand what you're asking them.

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