² How to Make My DOG EAT DRY FOOD! 5 Easy TRICKS!



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How to Make My DOG EAT DRY FOOD! 5 Easy TRICKS!

Image by Ludwig Willimann from Pixabay

 although there are different options to feed our dog dry kibble is the most common mainly due to affordability not all dogs readily accept a diet of dry food especially if they're used to something different in this article we provide the tricks you need to help your dog eat dry food.

1.offer better quality feed:

sometimes a dog won't eat dry food because they don't like the brand look for a quality feed which is adapted to your dog's specific needs their age is an important factor also take time to read the ingredient labels as dogs or carnivorous omnivores the main ingredient needs to be meat dehydrated meat is often better as its percentage is maintained even after the feed preparation process whereas fresh meat percentages go down due to water loss.

2.respect quantities and schedules:

once you've selected the right feed respect the portion size recommended by the manufacturer according to the weight of your dog it should be highlighted that dogs will not necessarily eat everything if the quantity is too large in these cases the dog isn't eating pearly we are simply overfeeding dogs are also animals of habit it benefits them to feed them on a set routine keeping a schedule is a good trick to help them eat their set portions we can also use routine as an educational tool you can ask them to sit down before eating so they know obeying will reap rewards we can also give obedience classes with food prizes when we know they are not full find out more about scheduling the amount and times a dog should eat each day in this article.

3.mix the feed:

when encouraging our dog to eat dry food it's best to have a gradual approach sudden changes in their diet can often cause digestive issues especially diarrhea we recommend mixing some of the new dry food into their old food whether wet or dry start with a one to three part ratio of new to old a couple of days use a two to two ratio then a three to one ratio new to old after another few days after a while we should be able to use only the new product if the old food is homemade you may need to separate the parts since they are not digested in the same way in these cases some dogs will only eat what they are used to at the beginning however we need to stay firm no healthy dog is so fussy they are going to starve stick to the established guidelines and they will eventually get used to.

4.soften the dry food:

dry food can also be mixed with water to soften it you can serve it room temperature or warm but not hot make it even more appetizing by adding a little broth such as chicken or fish however it should not contain any ingredients which are toxic to dogs making your own stock is ideal a few minutes before feeding time add enough to cover the feed or to create the consistency we are looking for the kibble will absorb the liquid and we can give it to the dog as if they were eating wet food the dog will get used to the taste and we can slowly remove the water as they become accustomed to.

5.liquefy it:

although it is used less frequently another trick to get a dog to eat dry food is to give it to them liquefied this is often used with convalescing dogs as it can be administered with a syringe first we should check with our veterinarian if it is suitable if so we need to soften the feed with warm water or broth instead of putting it in their dish process in a food processor or blender we can add more liquid to achieve the desired texture since it is a paste the dog can ingest it by licking it or we can introduce small amounts of the syringe at the side of their mouth.

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