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DIY Dog Toys - Kong Toy for Dogs

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

in this article  we will teach you how to make a Kong and you toy to stimulate your dog.

to make the toy we will need a plastic bottle a cutter or a similar tool dog fit whether it be your usual feet or a special treat and ribbons to decorate the toy.

1.first we must open the plastic bottle as it will be easier to handle but make sure you save the cat the next step is to pierce holes into the bottle you can make as many holes as you'd like but make sure there are no pieces of plastic inside now it's time to decorate you can do whatever you want but only use materials that are safe for dogs.

2.finally we must get rid of any sharp edges so that your dog can't cut themselves to do this take small pieces of tape and completely cover the holes already made.

3.with the help of scissors we will pierce the tape and make small cuts.

4.then with your finger hook these parts of the tape inside the bottle until a similar result is achieved repeat the process for all the holes you have made. Now all you have to do is put the foot inside the bottle it is important to keep the cap as it will allow us to close and reopen the bottle for future top-ups  

5.we have made quite large holes in the bottle once your dog masters their technique you can increase the difficulty by making the hole smaller and smaller if they still find it too difficult to get to their food we can help them by moving the Kong ourselves or even removing the bottle cap completely this toy is highly recommended for dogs that suffer with stress it stimulates them mentally and also test their sense of smell as they will try to detect food scattered on the ground it's a fun way to feed your dog and very useful if they are used to eating very fast this toy is suitable for dogs don't usually destroy their toys otherwise there are resistant Kong's like this available they even have breathing holes in case your dog manages to swallow it this commercial alternative also allows the dog to play unsupervised is very important not to lose sight of her dog when they're playing with the homemade Kong.

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