² Animals of Africa - 10 WILD ANIMALS from the African savanna



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Animals of Africa - 10 WILD ANIMALS from the African savanna

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

what do you know about the fauna of Africa Africa is a far reaching continent full of plants and animal varieties which exist nowhere else from the smallest insects to the largest land animals in the world in this article we'll talk about some of the amazing animals to be found on the African continent. 

1.the African elephant is undoubtedly one of the best known animals of the African savannah they can measure up to 7 meters in length and weigh up to 6 tons which is a record for land mammals they are not only one of the most intelligent animals in the world but studies have shown the elephant to have an acute emotional development believed to be capable of emotions which are similar to ours such as joy or mourning the death of a family member in the wild they can live between approximately forty and sixty years.

2.in the African savanna alone not a predator the cape buffalo is one of the most feared animals they are a gregarious organized into packs of several individuals and constantly moving they are very brave animals that will defend themselves without fear this can lead to great stampedes or even goring individuals in the face of a threat they have always been highly respected by native peoples.

3.the African leopard is one of the most beautiful animals on earth it can reach 190 centimeters in length and 90 kilos in wind they possess incredible strength so we're able to hunt young specimens of giraffe or antelope in addition they can climb run and swim so a skip is practically impossible.

4.we find two types of rhinoceros in African savanna the white rhinoceros and the black rhinoceros the latter being critically endangered there are very large animals measured up to 2 metres high and weighing 1,500 kilos African rhinos are characterized by having two horns while other species have only one.

5.the lion is not only one of the most beautiful animals in Africa it is also one of the most imposing they live in packs composed of several females and a dominant male below sometimes we find packs in which several males live only the dominant one has the right to mate another curious fact about this wonderful animal is that the females are responsible for hunting an feeding for the entire pride.

6.known for its large size the African hippopotamus can weigh up to three tons it lives mainly in sub-saharan Africa and it is a semi-aquatic animal they prefer to eat herbs plants or vegetables during the night although in certain situations it can eat meat or carrion.

7.the hyena is a scavenger often competing with lions and leopards for their leftover scraps in Africa you can find the spotted striped and brine hyena as well as the diminutive aardwolf all hyena species inhabit sub-saharan Africa except for the striped hyena which is found in the north and east of the continent above all its characteristics it is perhaps most well known for Assigned intimates which closely resembles that of human laughter.

8.the warthog is a type of wild boar from Africa especially the Sahara region as it is able to thus and very dry climates an adult specimen can weigh up to 100 kilos and feeds mainly on roots herbs and tubers they are characterized by the different protuberances or warts present on their heads as well as a kind of man which runs from the head to the back.

9.there are several species of cobra in Africa but the most famous of them is the king cobra it's an extremely dangerous reptile that can reach almost 2 metres in length and is able to raise its body to look even more intimidating it's poison is lethal as it directly attacks the nervous system resulting in paralysis.

10.and finally we find a species native to the island of Madagascar the ring-tailed lemur it is small in size and is in danger of extinction due to poaching and the destruction of its habitat this peculiar animal is characterized by its long tail with black and white rings as well as assigned it emits and the color of its eyes.

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